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B-17 in Alaska photo on display at the Prince William Museum in Whittier Alaska
P-38 airplanes flying in formation photo on display at the Prince William Sound Museum in Whittier Alaska
Bush pilot Gillam with his plane in Alaska
SS Aleutian Ship photo at the Prince William Sound Museum in Whittier Alaska

Explore the Legends of Alaska's History at the Prince William Sound Museum

Adjudged to be one of the top 10 “must see” Alaskan museums by Alaska Magazine and “an outstanding museum experience”... Milepost Travel Guide.


Come inside the Anchor Inn in downtown Whittier where a small but fascinating museum gives a glimpse of Whittier's incredible history!




Exhibits at the Prince William Sound Museum in Whittier Alaska
Museum in Whittier Alaska

The Whittier Museum Association was formed in 2003. Over the last 21 years, the museum has built up a presentation of 32 exhibits in a 1200 square foot space donated by the Shen family at the Anchor Inn. These exhibits tell the story of Whittier's history as a military port and rail terminal as well as reflections on Alaskan military heritage during World War II and the Cold War.





Whittier Alaska in the 1950's photo on display at the Prince William Museum in Whittier Alaska
Airforce photo on display at the Prince William Sound Museum in Whittier Alaska
Anton Anderson beginning to dig the Anton Anderson tunnel in Whittier Alaska
Battle of Attu in Alaska photo at the Prince William Sound Museum in Whittier Alaska
Historical Photographs

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Our Latest Exhibits
Tunnel Banner.jpg
Burning of Atka Village in 1942 - Exhibit at the Prince William Sound Museum
Exhibits Sampler

"An outstanding museum experience" - The Milepost


"One of the top 10 "must see" Alaskan museums" - Alaska Magazine


"​A hidden gem" - Alaska Public Media

-Milepost Travel Guide Review
40th Anniversary Monument of Bombing of Dutch Harbor, Alaska - Phil Tutiakoff and Ted Spencer 1982
Col. Walter W. Hodge exhibit at the Prince William Sound Museum in Whittier Alaska
Doolittle Raiders exhibit at the Prince William Sound Museum in Whittier Alaska

In the News

Ted Spencer speaks to volunteers at the San Diego Air & Space Museum about the deliberate crash landing of a Consolidated B-24D Liberator on Atka Island, AK - December 9, 1942

John Andrews and Ted Spencer at the crash site of B-24D Liberator on Atka Island, AK
San Diego Air & Space Museum volunteer flyer about B-24D crash landing on Atka Island in Alaska by Ted Spencer

Ted Spencer and John Andrews (captain) onsite in 1983

Councilman Peter Denmark and Mayor Dan Blair hold a WWII era 48 star ships flag that has been presented to the City of Whittier by the Prince William Sound Museum. The flag is intended to be flown on special occasions such as Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day and Veterans Day.. The flag honors the heritage of Whittier as a WWII military port constructed by pioneer civilian construction workers and military personnel. Whittier is one of two towns in Alaska that were created as a result of World War II.  

World War II monument in Whittier Alaska with 48 star flag
City of Whittier Alaska 48 star flag for World War II memorial
Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964 display at the Prince William Sound Museum in Whittier Alaska

Prince William Sound makes the news with exciting stories of aerial combat in Alaska. Click the links below and and read about incredible heroism in the face of attack!

News article about a plane being shot down over St. Lawrence Island in World War II
News article about aerial combat history over the Bering Sea during the Cold War

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Meet the Man Behind the Museum

Ted Spencer joined the Whittier Museum Association in 2003. His role was to obtain the original funding for the new museum. His design of the exhibit program led him to complete the task of building the museum's exhibit presentation. He is considered to be the foremost expert in Alaskan Aviation History, including both military and pioneer pilot heritage. Tales of courage and adventure, expeditions of extreme danger, the men and women who braved brutal weather and the unforgiving wilds of Alaska - Ted has worked for years to bring the stories of our long forgotten hero's to the general public's purview. From the adventures of pioneering expeditions to the Arctic and the uncharted lands of the Alaskan Interior, to military campaigns in the Aleutians during World War II and the history of the Cold War in Alaska; Ted Spencer has spent more than 40 years exploring and presenting this exciting history to visitors from around the world.


Ted is also the original founder of the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum in Anchorage, AK - a pursuit that spanned twenty five years. He is a descendant of five generations of Alaskan pioneers and possesses a deep love of Alaska and its incredible heritage. He has an extensive knowledge of the history, and he is privileged to have had one-on-one interactions with war veterans such as former president George HW Bush, early bush pilots, and even astronauts such as Neil Armstrong, Ted has participated in the multiple facets of museum design and construction. From archival collection and program development, to war bird and pioneer aircraft retrieval from wilderness sites, including  coordinating their restoration, Ted has done it all. Ted also gathered an extensive collection of priceless rare artifacts, including original photographs and movie film that have never before been seen by the general public; from rifles found on the battlefield, the personal writings and letters of fallen soldiers, uniforms and gear, flags & maps, the Prince William Sound Museum presents not only the stories from the past, but the actual objects that still carry the echoes from those who used them.

If you have any questions regarding upcoming exhibits, or would like to donate or volunteer time or financing to our cause, free free to contact Ted Spencer directly via the link below. Be sure to check back frequently as new content is being delivered regularly.


Ted Spencer on an aircraft recovery in the Aleutian Islands in 1981

Aleutian Island recovery - 1981

Ted Spencer with Neil Armstrong in 1994

Ted Spencer with Neil Armstrong - 1994

Ted Spencer meeting with a member of the military at the Prince William Sound Muesum in Whittier Alaska
Monument at Dutch Harbor in Alaska in June 1982 with Ted Spencer and Phil Tutiakoff

Whittier Through the Ages

The Prince William Sound Museum has teamed up with Dreamscape Aerial Imaging in an exciting aerial project, profiling all of the beautiful wonders of the historic port town of Whittier, AK -- like you've never seen before. If you have ever thought about visiting Alaska, this video is a must see!


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